Medicat USB Latest Version 21.12: How to Create USB Drive?

Medicat is a bootable utility that includes a suite of tools to easily troubleshoot and analyze a computer like Hiren’s Boot CD, but much more complete. Medicat was born from the idea of Jayro, an IT technician. She also used Hiren’s boot CD, but since it was no longer kept up to date, she decided to develop Medicat, a Multiboot utility with a number of essential tools for Windows 11 and other Operating System’s, whether it was to test your hardware, to reset a password, forgotten password or even clean a corrupted computer. Here we will explain how to prepare your Medicat troubleshooting USB drive. Please note, you will need a minimum 32GB USB drive here.

Download Medicat USB Latest Version (Windows 11)

Note: We hope you have a good connection since we are here on a file of more than 20GB to recover

How to Create your Medicat Bootable USB Drive?

Step 1: Preparation of the USB Drive with Ventoy

  • The Medicat project is now working under Ventoy. You can download Ventoy by clicking here.

Step 2: Key preparation with Ventoy

  • Insert your minimum 32GB USB drive into your computer. Launch the Ventoy application then set the partition type to “MBR”
  • Select your USB drive then click on “Install”
  • Your drive will be reformatted. Click Yes (twice), if you are aware that all data on your USB drive will be erased.
  • Your drive is now compatible with Ventoy, you can now proceed to the rest of the guide to prepare your Medicat USB drive.

Step 3: Format your Ventoy partition to NTFS

  • From your Windows Explorer, right-click on the “Ventoy” partition of your USB drive, then click on “Format”.
  • Here, select the “NTFS” File System, then click “Start” to start formatting.

Step 4: Temporary deactivation of your antivirus

Medicat is a diagnostic tool but also allows you to “crack” the password of your PC or to recover the passwords of your browsers, mailboxes, etc. These tools are called ” Hacktools ” and are very often detected as viruses. These are false positives. Also, disable Windows Defender antivirus temporarily

Step 5: Copy the Medicat files to your Ventoy partition

  • Right-click on the file ” Medicat Main ” then select “7-Zip” then “Extract files “
  • This will allow us to tell 7-Zip to extract the files to our freshly prepared Ventoy partition. Select your USB drive and uncheck the “Medicat Main Partition” box which will install everything at the root of your USB drive.
  • Once the extraction is complete, then you will be able to use your Medicat drive to troubleshoot all of your computers.
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