Middle Click on Mac Using Trackpad or Magic Mouse: Tutorial

Suppose you are a new user of Mac and switching from PC to Mac for the first time. And you realise that the middle-click gesture is missing on your MacBook’s trackpad, Magic Trackpad, or Magic Mouse. You won’t find any feature or toggle to activate the middle click within the macOS because Apple doesn’t offer the Middle click features on their trackpad.

This blog discusses how to Middle Click on macOS using a trackpad or Magic Mouse if you want to imitate a middle click on web pages without holding your Mac’s Command modifier key. We will use the middle click on your Mac trackpad using a third-party App. These apps offer middle-click support for the Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, and the MacBook’s built-in trackpad.

5 Ways to Middle Click on Mac

  1. Using MiddleClick
  2. Using BetterTouchTool
  3. Using MultiTouch
  4. Using Magic UtilitiesMiddle
  5. Using Middle

1. Using MiddleClick

Download the MiddleClick application from Github. It is a free application that helps you add middle-click to the Magic Trackpad and MacBook trackpad. Also, it is an open-source app compatible with the Magic Mouse.

MiddleClick is free, so it has some restrictions. Only three-fingered clicks or taps on the other paid apps offer you many customisation options to tailor whatever you want the middle-click gesture to work. Here shouldn’t be a problem because the MiddleClick allows us to use a three-fingered click or tap.

After downloading the MiddleClick application from Github, Double-click the MiddleClick.zip file to extract and get the MiddleClick.app file; you can drag the MiddleClick.app file into the Application folder on the Finder sidebar. Lunch the application on Mac. In some cases, macOS block you from opening the app.

If it’s blocked, go to System Preference and Security & Privacy and Privacy. Now, select Accessibility and check the box next to MiddleClick. You can middle-click by pressing or tapping with three fingers on a trackpad.

One thing is that when you use a trackpad, the three-fingered click or tap also activates the Mac’s Look Up function, which distracts you while middle-clicking. But you can easily disable it. In the Apple menu, go to System Preferences and then trackpad. Uncheck the Lookup & data detectors box under the Point & Click.

You can also startup MiddleClick to load automatically. To do so, go to System Preferences and User & Groups and select your profile. Now, switch to the Login Items tab and add MiddleClick as a Startup item from the Application folder.

2. Using BetterTouchTool

The BetterTouchTool provides many features like creating custom gestures for the Magic Trackpad, MacBook trackpad, and Magic Mouse. But if you want to middle-click, it will be much for you. You can customise the gesture on any of your pointing devices.

After installing it and allowing the required permissions, select your pointing device, click on the Plus icon and select gesture.
The BatterTouchTool is not a free tool but offers you a 45-day trial. During this period, you can decide it’s the right fit. Generally, it charges $8.50 for two years.

3. Using MultiTouch

MultiTouch is a paid app that enables Middle-click on Mac, MultiTouch with a ton of customizability. This application lets you click with 1,2,3, and 4 fingers and loads of gestures. The application is easy to use, and adding clicks and gestures is simple.

Open the MultiTouch and click on + in the Trackpad tab. Select the gesture and then choose to middle-click as its action. You can select another action as per your choice and click done. Now, you can use the new gesture immediately.

MultiTouch is a paid app, but it comes with 30 days of a free trial. After that, this application charges you $14.99 for lifetime use.

4. Using Magic UtilitiesMiddle

Magic Utilities allows you to set up your Apple Magic Mouse on Windows, which belongs to the Windows Operating System. This app with Windows provides you with the best compatibility with the Apple Magic Mouse. It automatically installs all the required drivers along with middle-clicking facility. You can find a dedicated version for the Magic Trackpad.

Install the UtilitiesMiddle apps. After installing the app, pull down the middle-click section or the control under the 2 Finger Gestures section on your Magic Trackpad Utilities.

Magic UtilitiesMiddle application offers you 28 days of a free trial. Afterwards, it charges $14.90 for a year. After that, you can fully utilise the Apple pointing device on the Windows system.

5. Using Middle

The middle application is a toned-down version of the MultiTouch app, which the same developer makes. Its focus is only on adding middle-click functionality for the Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, and MacBook trackpad. This application supports Mac with Intel and Apple Silicon chipsets.

After installing Middle, you can configure pre-defined gestures for the trackpad and Magic Mouse. Now, lunch it and log in and update yourself automatically.

The middle application comes with a seven-day free trial, and after that, it charges $7.99 for lifetime use.

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