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Since there are so many programs and applications already loaded on Macs, many users discover that they don’t even need to download any more software. Owners of the MacBook Air or Mac mini, which are frequently purchased as typewriters, can be heard saying this. They believe that you can install MS Office and a few photo-editing mac tools, and that’s it on your Mac laptop. It’s pointless to dispute with them because each owner purchases a device specifically to meet their demands.

Nevertheless, a few programs merit special attention. From office employees to app developers, they will be helpful to everyone. Let’s discuss some of the many other tools and software that every user can use.

Bartender 4

The bartender is a smart utility and versatile menu organizer for Mac. It helps you organize, search for, and use the menu bar icons on your Mac while keeping your desktop organized. With a minimalistic interface and simple format, Bartender remains functional and always ready to go when you need it. If you have many menu bar items that wouldn’t fit comfortably in the menu bar itself, this app will help you to hide any menu bar items but still have quick access to them in several ways. Bartender 4 also allows you to reduce the spacing between menu bar items, giving you extra space.


Use App Cleaner if you’d rather keep your Mac as simple as possible all the time. It lacks many choices and parameters its competitor’s offer and is a straightforward software for removing programs on Mac. You only need to download and launch it and then drag and drop any program from the Dock, Launchpad, or settings list of all programs.

Everything is easy to use and reasonable. Correct program deletion on macOS is also important. Why is this required when you can drag the icon to the trash, you might ask? This is essential to ensure that the software leaves no traces on the operating system.

Movavi Video Converter

We are used to watching videos online on YouTube or other streaming platforms, but there are also adherents of the good old iTunes. Unlike other stores, iTunes store videos are sold in M4V format, including Apple FairPlay DRM protection and video and audio tracks. Therefore, these files can only be played on authenticated Apple devices.

And it would seem that everything is simple. But if you need to work on the video further or work on it as a team, be aware that not all devices and programs support the M4V format. To avoid compatibility problems, just convert M4V to MP4, which is a more device-friendly format.


It’s one of the most popular videos calling methods and one of the best Mac apps that has become firmly established in our work routine with the introduction of remote work in 2020. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows you to organize a virtual meeting with other people through video, audio only or both. You can join a video conference with a webcam on a computer, phone, or tablet.


This is a calendar app that will allow you to manage personal scheduling. In addition to a completely redrawn interface and smooth animation, this mini-calendar can be freely detached and moved to any place convenient for you on the working area of the screen. Return the window to its original point – Fantastical is again attached to the toolbar icon. Such functionality is rare, and, it is worth noting, it is incredibly convenient. In addition to the calendar, the application also works with reminders. You can attach geolocation tags to events, set the exact execution time, and even import data fragments from other applications.

4K Video Downloader

We’re sure you don’t need to be taught how to download files to your Mac. Yet, you may use the following tool to download just about any clip online to a Mac. Download the application on your Mac, copy the URL from any website, and then click the Paste Link button in the program’s user interface. The app will then allow you to select the subtitles, format, and quality. You can change the settings for each downloaded video. While travelling, you can watch a movie or video from YouTube.


The app helps you never forget anything, keep everything you need close at hand and keep your Mac desktop clean. Unclutter combines clipboard history, quick access to frequently used files, and simple notes. Everything is compactly located in the panel, pulled out from the menu bar with a swipe gesture.

The clipboard stores up to 50 recent entries and has two display modes and favourites. The file box creates copies of documents: now you can avoid losing them. Notes are saved as plain text files in the Documents folder.

Those who do not need all three panels can turn off the excess in the settings. There are also various options, including automatically changing the theme when switching to the dark interface mode.


Vox is one of the best music players for Mac that is wonderfully designed and incredibly simple to use. It has a large list of functions and works with many audio formats. Vox also has a user-friendly, versatile interface that makes it easy to access a strong player and a variety of special features that let you listen to your favourite music in any file type. Direct control of the player is possible from the main page. Vox has a convenient EQ with plenty of presets and allows you to add your unique mode. The Vox music player also supports your iTunes library, has a radio feature, and lets you scramble your music to the most recent releases.


Even if you start your Mac in safe mode, there are still dangers for your device, but online. NordVPN is an app you might have already seen in the App Store. It is a tool that protects your internet connection and online privacy. It creates an encrypted tunnel for your data, protects your online identity by hiding your IP address, and allows you to securely use public Wi-Fi hotspots, providing private access to the Internet. With Nord VPN’s interactive map, you can find the right server anywhere worldwide.


Minimalism is an excellent approach to working with a computer; however, why not use tools that will help optimize your work and make life easier? We hope that this list has become useful for you and will change your work routine for the better very soon.

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